L'actualité dans le monde

Textes rédigés par mes élèves de Seconde

L'actualité dans le monde

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Explo Flo

During one weekend every two years, the AGROCAMPUS OUEST of Angers organizes an exposition of its gardens called « Expo Flo ». Indeed, this year, in 2016, from 18th March until 20th March, this university invited us to discover its beautiful gardens, theatres, shows and conferences. Alone or with the family, we were able to admire about fifty classrooms transformed into big ephemeral gardens, watch our friends “the insects”; learn about environmental issues and new farming techniques; we could also climb onto roofs to discover green walls.

It’s a great event of plant biology. This year, we could admire the theme chosen :“Semons la Zizanie”. A lot of future engineers of the vegetable world presented us with their creations and their work. This original exhibition is like no other. They'll be waiting for you next year ! It's worth visiting.

(by Marie Paqueriaud)


United Kingdom in the European Union

On 19 February 2016, the 28 Heads of state of the European Union met in Bruxelles (Belgium) to discuss the future of the United Kingdom in the European Union, to know if it will stay or not. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, said that he wanted Britain to be alone in financial exchanges and talks on migrants. A referendum will be organized in June in the United Kingdom to ask the English people if they want to stay in the European Union or not.

(by Juliette Landais)


David Bowie

David Bowie was born on 8 January 1947 in Brixton, London and he died on 10 January 2016 in Manhattan, New York. He died of cancer. He was an English singer, songwriter and musician who also worked as an actor and record producer. He was a figure in popular music. His real name was David Robert Jones and David Bowie was his nickname. He had two children, including Duncan Jones. David Bowie was an artist who was more rock and roll than R& B. He had practised vocals, guitar and the saxophone. During his career, he made several albums like «  Young Americans  »,  «  Low  » in 1977  , «  Berlin Trilogy  », «  Heros  » and «  Lodger  » in 1979 followed and we mustn't forget his final album, «  Blackstar  » which was released the day before he died. RIB David Bowie

(by Camille Bile)


The COP 21

The COP 21 is the 21st conference of countries on climatic questions. COP or “the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference” took place in December 2015 in Paris. It was organised by the Minister of Ecology, Ségolène ROYAL and by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent FABIUS. After 12 days, an agreement was found. Participating countries have promised to limit the temperature of climatic warming to 1.5°C. before the end of the century. But the problem of climatic warming will not be solved. We will have to make more effort and have more meetings if we want to reach this goal.

(by Matisse Descamps)


The Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival is the most popular national holiday in Brazil, in particular in Rio de Janeiro. It takes place every year during 4 days which precede Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday, the day after Shrove Tuesday, is a day which marks the beginning of the fast. The Rio Carnival is the most important tourist event of the municipality of Rio. It became a real synonym for the celebration of Carnivals in the country and around the World.

At the end of the XIXth century, «Cordões» made their appearance in Rio de Janeiro. There were small groups which danced and played music in the streets of the city. During the first Rio carnival in 1840, the participants danced the Polka and the Waltz. The Samba was introduced in 1917.

The Rio carnival has African origins, what is obvious when we consider the exotic costumes made from bone, from feathers and from glitter and, of course, when we think of the Samba.

In Rio, the carnival begins in the streets of the city with the parades of «batucadas» and «blocos». They are groups of percussionists that parade, accompanied by disguised people.

Every school of Samba chooses a theme for its parade. This theme is used as the main thread to the parade. On this theme «samba do enredo» will be written and will be carried around during the parade. Tanks and costumes have to match this theme. The 3 best groups of the schools of Samba (special group, group A and group B) parade in the Sambodrome and the others (group C to E) parade in the streets of the city. It is a sporting event. At the end of these parades the school champion will be awarded.

(by Sarah Barreteau)


An important event in Angers

"The Festival des premiers plans Angers" is a ceremony where various actors or amateurs come on stage, then high school students vote for the one they prefer and the film will also be selected by an adult. The festival also allows students to interview the actors of the films. The leading festival is important for their career.

(by Elouan Metayer)


A new member of the Royal family

In 2015 an important event for English people took place : on 2 May in London Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born. She is the newest member of the British Royal family. She was born at St Mary's hospital in Paddington, London. She weighed 3.7 kg, and is the daughter of Prince William of Cambridge and his wife, Catherine Middleton. She is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and she's the fourth in line for the succession to the British throne.

(by Élisa Martin)


School outing tragedy

On 13 January, in Isère, France, there was a terrible accident. A teacher accompanying his students went on a black track in the mountains. However, it was closed since the beginning of the season because it was too dangerous. The teacher and his students were good at skiing but they got caught in an avalanche. In this accident, two students and another person who was skiing lost their lives. After that, the police arrested the teacher who admitted his responsibility and he was judged for manslaughter. During his trial he said that he didn’t know the track was dangerous because he had seen other people using the same track for two days so, he told his students to step over the net. During the enquiry, the police discovered the teacher had psychological problems dating back to November 2015 and had gone to a special hospital. After this tragic event, the teacher is no longer able to teach.

(by Manon Bernagoult)


American Presidential election

The aim of the American Presidential election of 2016 is to elect the 45th president of the USA. Since Franklin D. Roosevelt, no president can do more than two mandates. So Barack Obama will not be president next year. The election will begin on 8 November, 2016.

The elected president will begin his presidency in January 2017. To be president in America, it is necessary to be born in America, be 35 years old, and not to have lived outside the USA for 14 years before the election.

(by Camille Brossard)


Commemorating a very sad event

The attacks of 11 September took place in New York in 2001. On the same day four attacks happened and caused more than 3000 victims. On the morning of Tuesday, September 11th , 2001, nineteen terrorists hijacked four airliners to destroy the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. At around midday of the same day a fourth a plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. All the attacks were carried out by terrorists of the Islamic group Al Qaïda.

(by Baptiste Fernandez)

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